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Welcome to English

In the English Department pupils engage in a wide range of activities which develop and enhance their language skills, their communication skills and most of all their confidence.

We believe that good literacy and communication skills are essential in developing pupils’ ability to express themselves, to engage positively with others and for each individual to reach their full potential in readiness for lifelong learning.

We have good links with outside agencies and the community and wherever possible we give our pupils opportunities to learn and develop their skills in new settings. We are also keen to enhance our pupils’ educational experience from guest speakers and allow them to learn from real life contexts about the experiences of others.
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AifL and Assessment Procedures

Assessment is continuous in English. This happens daily as part of the work of the class and formally through the target setting process. This helps us to share goals and set next steps with pupils. Pupils and teachers share in reviewing and evaluating work to ensure effective progression for all pupils. We believe that by involving pupils in the assessment process this helps motivate and raise the self-esteem and confidence of pupils.


In S1, S2 and S3 pupils follow a broad, general education through a Curriculum for Excellence. Pupils will develop reading, writing, talking and listening skills through a variety of texts which include non-fiction including media, poetry, prose, drama and non-fiction. Through these topic there are opportunities for language work such as spelling and punctuation, for learning good discussion skills and for talking and listening activities. Pupils are supported and challenged at their own individual level and Makaton and visual supports are used to enhance pupils’ learning.


In S4, S5 and S6 pupils follow courses from the new National Qualifications and the Personal Achievement Awards. Some pupils will also follow the National Literacy Qualification at the level that is appropriate for them. The focus at this stage is very much on preparation for lifelong learning and as part of their English curriculum pupils develop skills for working with others, working on their own, developing personal choice as well as ongoing development and consolidation of reading, writing, talking and listening.

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Literacy Across the Curriculum:

Literacy Across the Curriculum

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