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Welcome to the Science Dept.

S1 to S3 is Broad General Education which focuses on providing pupils with a wide variety of practical work, skills and other learning experiences that will engage and inspire them to think about Science in every day contexts.

Pupils in S1-S3 will study Science as an integrated course which combines key concepts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

S4 to S6 is the Senior Phase with a focus on National Qualifications including National 3,4 Biology, National 3,4 Environmental Science and National 1 and 2 Science in the Environment.
Mrs L Gaughan
S1 Curriculum

Term 1- Biodiversity
Term 2- Eco Cottage
Term 3- Chemical Reactions

S2 Curriculum

Term 1- Body Cells, Systems and Infection
Term 2- Planet Earth and Space
Term 3- The Periodic Table

S3 Curriculum

Term 1- Inheritance
Term 2- Sustainability
Term 3- Forces

S4 Curriculum ( National 3-4 Biology)

Term 1- Cell Biology
Term 2- Multicellular Organisms
Term 3- Life on Earth

S5 Curriculum (National 3-4 Environmental Science)

Term 1- Living Environment
Term 2- Earth’s Resources
Term 3- Sustainability
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