Welcome to Social Studies
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Welcome to Social Studies

In the Social Studies class pupils will take part in a wide range of topics in order to develop their knowledge of the local area, many areas in Scotland and  into  Europe. Pupils will have the chance to take part in Outdoor Learning which will include visits to some of the places studied. Pupils will also have a chance to study History and Modern Studies topics.

Mrs Rosenberg.  Mr MacDonald

Ailf strategies and assessment procedures

Assessment is for learning strategies include: traffic lights; thumbs up; thumbs down; and smiley faces. Pupils are continuously assessed as they work in class. This is based on verbal responses, written work and teacher observation. Pupils are tracked and monitored and this is formally detailed in interim reports, end of year reports and parents’ evenings.


The Social Studies curriculum


Pupils will study the local area, the history of Rutherglen, the history of Glasgow and different types of Scottish holiday resorts.


Pupils will study famous Scots from different areas of life such as medicine ,sport, politics, art, acting, discoveries and inventions. Pupils are then introduced to mapping skills and work on this in some detail.


Pupils will study Ancient Egypt and will produce a project folder incorporating topics including: The River Nile; The Pyramids; and many aspects of ancient Egyptian society. Pupils then go on to learn about  some European countries where they will complete a project of a European country of their choice.

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