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Welcome to the PE Department

All pupils are entitled to 2 period of Physical Education a week.
All P.E courses are based on Curriculum for Excellence and SQA guidelines.

Pupils develop personal, social and life skills through a wide range of individual, group, competitive and aesthetic activities in small and larger groups working in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Pupils will learn to develop physical fitness, improve their knowledge and understanding of physical education and gain attributes which they need for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future.

The focus on each activity will be differentiated to meet the needs and demands of all pupils to progress their skill development in purposeful, challenging, progressive and enjoyable environment.

Mrs Cresswell. Mrs Devlin. Mrs Sclater.   

Curriculum Information

YEAR                                    LEVEL                                  ACTIVITY

S1, S2 & S3                            CfE                                    Aug – Oct            Fitness
                                                                                          Oct – Dec            Basketball
                                                                                          Jan – Mar            Gymnastics/trampolining
Mar – April          Tennis/Badminton
                                                                                          Apr – Jun             Athletics & Summer Games              

S4                                         National 2 PE
S5                                         National 3 PE: Unit 1 – Performance skills
S6                                         National 3: Unit 2 – Factors impacting on performance

All senior classes participate in Fitness, Basketball and Tennis to achieve their national qualification.

Base Classes
Pupils in base classes are offered similar activities with the focus on gross motor skills, balance, and spatial awareness.

S1, S2 & S3                            CfE                                    Aug – Oct            Fitness
                                                                                          Oct – Dec            Ball games
                                                                                          Jan – Mar            Gymnastics/trampolining
Mar – April          Racket sports
                                                                                          Apr – Jun             Athletics & Summer Games

S4                                         National 1: Taking part in and individual activity
S5                                         National 1: Improving performance
S6                                         National 1: Taking part in a group activity

Senior pupils in base classes participate in Fitness, Ball games, Gymnastics/Trampolining, Indoor Curling, and Boccia.

Additional Courses

Rebound Therapy
Rebound therapy is offered as part of the extended curriculum for supported classes.
Rebound Therapy is a form of physiotherapy. The therapy involves using the moving bed of the trampoline to promote movement in the participant and provide therapeutic exercises to people with a wide variety of disabilities and additional needs.

The therapy can provide many therapeutic and physiological benefits:
· Facilitate and promote movement and balance
· Improve fitness,
· Increase or decrease muscle tone,
· Help relax the participant,
· Improve sensory integration,
· Improve concentration
· Improve communication skills

Sports Leaders Award
With the inclusion of active schools, we offer our senior pupils a Sports Leaders Award.  This will provide our pupils with transferrable skills:  leadership, organisation, motivation, communication, teamwork, and confidence in a range of settings.
As part of this course, pupils are involved in participation and delivery of an organised event at the National Sports Coaching Centre, Inverclyde involving primary pupils, senior pupils and sports ambassadors and active schools.

Fitness suite
Pupils have the opportunity to learn how to develop their fitness using a range of fitness equipment.  Pupils participate in their own individualised training programme. Senior pupils are offered access to a local gym as part of their National qualification.

Pupils have opportunities to increase their cycling proficiency with the use of trikes, balance bikes, and bikes.  Pupils learn about cycle safety, road safety and how to keep themselves and others safe.

Aifl Strategies
Assessment is ongoing using the following strategies: -

  • questions and answer
  • self-evaluation, thumbs up/thumps down, traffic lights
  • peer evaluation
  • target setting
  • “I can do statement” worksheets.

Assessment is ongoing using the following strategies: -
  • Self and peer evaluation
  • Photographic and video evaluation
  • Internal assessment using workbooks
  • External moderation with other High schools

Tracking and Monitoring
Tracking and monitoring is carried out 3 times a year; October, January and April

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